Thinking about buying College Papers?

Students’ buying papers from online platforms and using them as their own work has been on the rise. Academic institutions are working on ways to catch up with the trend.

There have been claims about parents using fraudulent means to get admission for their children in colleges. Again, academic institutions are working on different ways to catch up with the trend. The rapid growth of online papers has given students a smooth time writing a research paper. They search online and purchase the papers and submit the work as their own. The reason for such a trend is the pressure the students feel, and they avoid the long route of researching and writing work.

You can find students with tight schedules, yet they have many assignments with tight deadlines. At this point, it can be challenging for a student to manage all the papers and submit high-quality work within the required deadline. That is why they opt to find writing services elsewhere.

Many professional research writers can do the work for you as you concentrate on other activities. If you try posting online searching for academic writers, you get hundreds of bidders ready to help you at a fixed price for every page.

Many students justify the art of writing papers because they assume since they pay for college papers, it is not plagiarism. Others have to buy the work because they get overwhelmed with the tasks awaiting them.

According to the senior adviser to the Association of American Universities president, Ashley Finley, she admits that buying papers isn’t a new practice. The practice has taken the internet by storm, and many students are going the same route.

She adds that it is a trend that won’t anytime soon since many academic paper companies advertise their services on how they can help students write their assignments. When you walk in the city, you meet several advertisements encouraging students to reach out for academic writing services.

In an attempt to curb the trend, some countries have put up laws to regulate academic cheating. Although they put such regulations in their countries, it can be hard to control countries such as Kenya, Ukraine, and Pakistan, known to be paper mills.

According to Cath Allis of the University of New South Wales, she notes that it a mistake for students to buy papers. Still, she explains that it is the institution’s role to give students enough time to accomplish different tasks.

Staying ahead of the game

Some institutions are incorporating new technological trends in their school to control the rate of students buying papers. For example, the Turnitin company, which detects plagiarism, has a unique feature known as Authorship Investigate.

The Turnitin software analyzes the document from all angles. For example, the date of creation, the author, and the times the work was reopened and edited. Experts can quickly identify a paper written by paper millers. Such moves will enable tutors to determine whether the student wrote the paper or not.

Professor Ariely notes that even writing companies understand the impact of academic cheating, and they threaten students to give more money or report them to their school. This is after pretending to be a student seeking help from one of the writing services company.

Although many institutions are trying hard to warn students against buying papers by explaining the repercussions, some students won’t just stay away from the trend, according to Professor Ariely.

However, Bertram Gallant of UC San Diego notes that technological advancement might not work since there is a new tech trend every day. Instead, she suggests that teachers talk to the students and often remind them why buying papers is a bad idea.

She adds that the only solution to academic cheating is to embrace an ethical culture and encourage students to value education more than grades.

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